Fluid Lungs

Fluid Lungs

Folly Fields / Folk, Rock

Fluid Lungs is the title track from Folly Fields’ new EP and it combines random imagery that filled my mind while daydreaming and drinking trying to finish songs for the album on a cold snowy night in Denver, Colorado. I used to watch a Canadian cartoon about the strange ancient creature the duck-billed platypus and was always fascinated by why it evolved to breathe under water, and like many children, wished I had that ability too as a fellow mammal.

This song also came from considering what it would be like if we all took something much like the Hippocratic Oath every time we fell in love. Moreover, all of this speculating came from a conversation I had with someone who was very close to me who was trying to get over a recent divorce and it made me wonder whether any of us really have the power to control when we make or break oaths given to other people.

The song focuses on whether the risk of loving is almost like having the power to breathe with “fluid lungs.” We often don’t know what the outcome will be in relationships but sometimes it works out despite your own sense of reason or the boundaries of science and societal norms that tell us loving after heartache, or diving in deep water as a mammal, are both poor ideas.

Written by

- Ally Leedy, Folly Fields Band -



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